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Driveway Sliding Gates

Bajwa Steel delivers all ranges of bespoke driveway sliding gates based on customers requirements. Driveway sliding gates are also a practical solution where the driveway slopes up and away from the gates, where the slope would have prevented swing gates from opening.

Driveway sliding gates can be handcrafted to any size based on customer requirement. Bajwa Steel as a huge range of driveway sliding gate designs to choose from. Manual or electric opening system based driveway sliding gates can be crafted according to the choice of the customer.

Automated driveway sliding gates can be extremely dangerous if not correctly installed. Every installation is different with a different number of safety edges required which are purchased separately from our kits. It is advisable to seek expert advice before attempting to purchase/install safety edges. Bajwa Steel as a range of driveway sliding gate automation system to suit your budget and specifications.

Want driveway sliding gates based on a different material? Bajwa Steel produces Metal Driveway Sliding Gates, and Metal Framed Driveway Sliding Gates

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